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Adjustable fit with hands protection 

During boxing and other similar activities, your hands and wrists are prone to injuries. However, Fadi Sports provides you with adjustable hand wraps that help protect your hands and wrists from the punching and defending effects. 

Available in a standard size 

You can find hand wraps in a standard or universal size that one size fits all. Usually, hand or wrist wraps are designed in general size. However, you need to consult your professional trainers to know how accurately wrap your hands to get maximum benefits. 

A range of appealing colors 

Hand wraps at Fadi Sports are available in a variety of colors. So, the good news is that you can order hand wraps in colors similar to other gear or boxing kits. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wearing hand wraps helps secure all your loose joints and moveable bones. In addition, they work to fasten all the joints together, helping better distribute the shock across your entire hands. However, moving the joints independently is not safe when striking the opponent or a heavy bag. 

Experts suggest wrapping your hands tight enough to feel snug. However, ensure that they are not too tight to cut off the circulation. As well as this, it should not b slipping from your hands. After wearing, ensure that you can move your fingers enough to make a fist. 

Anytime you appear for training, you need to wear hand wraps. Hand wraps help support your hands and wrists and offer you a secure boxing training experience. Remember that a secure training session is vital, leading to a successful training session.  

Typically normal hand wraps can last for around five to six months. The typical sign that suggests that the wraps are about to retire is the faded color of the hand wraps.   

Yes, you can wash your hand wraps, and the process of washing them is pretty simple. Experts reveal that you can use regular laundry detergents to wash your hand wraps. You can add your hand wraps to the washing machine with the rest of the gears.