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Manufactured with Durable Materials

Boxing gloves train hard are designed for beginners and professional fighters looking for power and train hard. Boxers thank the triple-density foam training gloves. In addition, train hard gloves are designed with fully attached thumbs, helping protect hands to avoid injuries.

Get 04 different dimensions

To fulfill the need of every single trainer or boxer, Fadi Sports provides boxing gloves train hard in different sizes, including 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz.

Available in 3 different alluring color-schemes

Fadi sports offers boxing gloves train hard in three different appealing colors. For example, you can get boxing gloves in orange-blake, green-black, and whole-black color schemes. Moreover, the Logo design on the upper palm and upside Velcro gives a fascinating look to these boxing gloves.

Buy the best boxing gloves at Fadi

Fadi Sports is an experienced professional store in the fighting industry. This is one of the leading manufacturers, fabricating the best boxing gloves for beginners and professionals for years. Fadi allows you to pay in 4 interest-free installments when ordering above $50 via ShopPay. Whenever you look to buy the protective gear to ensure your boxing training, look no further than Fadi Sports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, it depends. For example, boxing players need to use heavier gloves bloated with a sifter foam when sparring. But, on the other hand, when boxers plan for heavy bag training, they should look for heavy gloves with harder foam.

The name indicates that boxing training gloves are used for various training sessions. For example, you can wear them for partner drill, pad work, and bag work. The training gloves are best for providing optimal balance between performance and protection.

Boxing training gloves, also known as sparring gloves, are designed with extra padding and protection. Usually, they are designed with leather or polyurethane and have a foam core, helping protect the partner.

Changing your boxing training gloves depend upon the frequency of use. However, you need to replace your boxing training gloves every 06 months to get maximum practice benefits, as suggested by experts.

Usually, experts recommend wearing heavier gloves for training or sparring purposes because they are more impact-absorbent. The best recommendation is to wear boxing training gloves of 16 oz above, helping lower the chances of training injuries.